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Dum spiro spero
While I live I hope
John & Mary (nee Welsh) Dillon
John Dillon
Born Ireland 1825
Died Mongaup Valley, NY 1908

Notice his beard. It is called a
Chinstrap Beard."
Edward, Thomas, John Dillon
baby unidentified
circa 1907, NY
Thomas & Annie (nee Naughton) Dillon
Thomas Dillon
Thomas Dillon
Annie Naughton Dillon
Thomas & Margaret (nee Sheridan) Dillon
Tom and Margaret Dillon at the Dillon Farm.
Notice the buggy large platform with stairs for
getting on and off the buggy.
Dillon Road Monticello, NY
Group portrait in front of the Dillon home on
Dillon Rd, Monticello, NY, circa 1930. From
left to right: Katherine Dillon Mara, Cornelius
Mara, William Dillon, Thomas Dillon,
Elizabeth Dillon, Alice Dillon, ?, ?, Anna May
Dillon, Leo Dillon, Alice Lynch Dillon, Tom
Mara, ?, ?, Gabriella Dillon & Thomas Dillon
Thomas & Mildred (nee Larson) Dillon
View of Magnolia St.
Bergenfield NJ
Uncle Tom, Aunt
Mille Dillon,
Mildred Larson
Carl Larson
Anna May Dillon
Alice Dillon Kreiter
Alice Dillon and her oxen.