John J.
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"It is a good
plan to sit
under a tree
and look
around once
in a while."
--- John J. Dillon,
Rural New Yorker,

"Christmas Greetings, 1943
It was the night before Christmas during Lincoln's first administration.
A boy of probably seven years of age hovered at his mother's chair to
hear the mystic story of the Infant Saviour, and His great sacrifice and
love for little children. It was not the first of many lessons that his
Christian mother imparted to her child, but it was, as he can recall, the
beginning of his precious Christian education.The father contributed to
his education by word and example, but for the most part, in a less
emotional way. The farm home was modest and frugal, but the feast
was never omitted or scanty on the night before Christmas. The
platters groaned with plenty. The sweets were abundant. The crullers
sizzling hot from bubbling pan was the favorite morsel always spared
for the last and final tidbit. When indulgence had reached its limit at
the end of feasting, Father would say: "Now boys, make sure that
every living creature on the farm has a full bunker this Christmas eve.
Your gifts to them will please God and He will increase His blessings
and mercy to you."

These are cherished memories of the boy, now the publisher, of four
score and seven years. That the spirit of these memories may prevail
in the farm homes of America, and particularly in you hearts and
homes, is our fervent wish and hope for you and yours for Christmas.
John J. Dillon"
Name: Dillon, John J
Birth - Death: 1856-1950  
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Name: Dillon, John James
Birth - Death: 1856-1950  
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While searching the census
database, I found
John J. Dillon
was a widower in
1900 and had 2
children from that
1900 Census
1910 Census
1930 Census